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Debra Vincze

Global fabrics blended together in the form of abstract quilted Wall Art, festive table runners, ornaments, magnets and pendants

From a young age my parents never had to push me to entertain myself, nor was I ever bored. I always could be found creating things from random items in the house and around nature.  My love for fabric began with my grandmother as she made all of her own clothing.  As a teenager I began repairing my clothes or enhancing them as I like to think. It was always very visible based on the loud color thread as I felt I wanted to see the repair, which I know is not for everyone.  Fast forward, less than a hundred years and I use my fabric piecing to create abstract art from throw away pieces of scraps I collect from my travels around the world. 

None of my works is perfect, but they are a perfect reflection of me. I named my little venture A Pop of Colour as I believe with colour comes Joy.

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