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  • How do I join Kindred Spirits Artisans of Paris?
    If you have an interest in arts and crafts and wish to join other like minded artisans, you are welcome to attend one of our general meetings on a trial basis. Our meetings are held the third Tuesday each month (September to June) at Paris Presbyterian Church, Grand River St. N. Meetings start at 7:00 pm. NOTE: due to COVID-19 restrictions, in person meetings are through registration with our President, due to limited spaced seating. Please contact us through our Contact page or contact one of our artisans for an invitation to any upcoming group meetings ( some may be via Zoom or at another approved location)
  • What is the membership fee?
    If you are accepted as a member of Kindred Spirits Artisans of Paris, the annual membership fee is $50.00 paid in September.
  • I would like to be part of Christmas in Paris. How do I become a "vendor"?"
    In order to have an artisan booth at Christmas in Paris you must first become a member of Kindred Spirits Artisans of Paris. Secondly you must be an active member in good standing meaning that you must attend at least 4 meetings throughout the year (through attendance sheets). In addition your art form will be juried by the CIP jury committee to make sure it meets the standards set for inclusion in the show.
  • Are there other volunteer activites that are available through Kindred Spirits?
    Yes! Once you are a member of Kindred Spirits Artisans, or even if you are a family/friend of a KS member, you are encouraged to volunteer throughout the year. We are most grateful for volunteer support at our Childrens Art Tent at Springtime in Paris, at our Art Display at the annual Paris Fair and during Christmas in Paris. Christmas in Paris requires volunteers to help with admission, decoration set-up and take down as well as other tasks.
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