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Lee Anne Stewart

Delicious fudge and a variety of sewn items which include place mats, hot pads, purses, wallets and more.

As I child, I spent a lot of time with my father, learning how to use his tools, and my grandmother, a tailor, who also liked to make a variety of things for church bazaars.  My mother made a lot of our clothes and I started to make my own in my teen years.  But like my grandmother, I like to make a variety of things as well.  I have been an active Scout Leader since the 1990’s.  I was a Beaver leader with the 1st Paris scouts for 15 years and always tried to make crafts that were useful. Every year, “Christmas in Paris” was the greatest venue to find a craft that I could recreate or tweak so that a child could make it.   Then in 2012 two things happened. I became a Grandmother and I joined “Kindred Spirits”. This eclectic group of artisans has further inspired me.  I keep thinking, “What can I make next?”

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