Sally Langfrey

Cottage and East Coast inspired stained glass and mosaic art pieces with natural elements such as pebbles, sand, driftwood, and branches. Some pieces are framed in re-purposed items such as snowshoes, paddles and bike sprockets.

I've always had a deep passion for nature and the beauty of all that it has to offer. A walk in the forest or along the sandy shores of the ocean starts the gears of creation turning and I start filling my pockets with inspiration. 

After many decades of working in different mediums such as copper & cement I have finally found my Zen in stained glass and mosaics.

With each piece I create I try to incorporate a part of nature such as a stone, shells or driftwood. I also love to recycle objects such as a snowshoe, canoe paddle or bike sprocket.

In my current series, along with my love of everything Algonquin, Canada's East Coast plays a big inspirational part. Sea birds, lighthouses and life along the ocean will be lovingly featured in my glass and organic works of art. 

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