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Rita Guiducci

Rendered Art cards, Christmas ornaments, and limited copies of" Winter's Child" - an illustrated children's book. Animal and human portrait paintings on canvas or pastel paper created with acrylic paint, soft pastels, water colours or mixed media.

Rita Guiducci lives in Paris, Ontario. She was born in Montreal, Quebec as the youngest in a family of first-generation Italian immigrants to Canada. At the age of 15, Rita realized she wanted to be an artist. With the encouragement of a JFK High school art teacher and several trips to Italy she was inspired to draw and paint. The art program at Vanier College in Montreal compelled her to continue her journey in the creative field. She explored her technique and developed experience. Her medium of choice soon became soft pastels.

Rita G. enjoys painting and drawing animals and humans. She gives life to a piece with soft expressions and details. Equine, family pets and children are but a few custom orders and portraits she has worked on and rendered. Her style is often influenced by DaVinci, Michelangelo, R. Bateman and Adonna Khare. As an artist, her mission is to draw attention to creatures – big and small ones. 519-442-0282

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