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Melissa Generoux

Wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery pieces that are glazed in a variety of vibrant colours. 

My love for clay began as a child when I created my first handcoiled bowl in a children’s pottery class...this is where my dream to become a potter began. My studio is my little sanctuary where I go to relax and create. It has always fascinated me that I can turn clay into pottery pieces simply by using my hands. Working with clay is an amazing medium that brings me great joy. My pottery studio is in Paris, Ontario where I enjoy creating both wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery items. I love creating functional pottery pieces that can be used in the home to showcase the food that we prepare for ourselves and the ones that we love. I embellish my handmade pendants, earrings, brooches and ornaments with beads, baubles, ribbons and wire. Follow me on Instagram @potterybymelissa to see my latest creations.

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