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Anca Gaston

Award-winning fine art photography featuring local wildlife and the night sky: limited edition prints, canvases, cards and calendars

Passionate about photography since her teens, Anca spends her spare time capturing images of local wildlife and the night sky through the camera lens. Her goal is to use the power of photography to bring viewers up close and personal with the wildlife that lives in their backyards, local natural areas, and along the Grand River. It is her hope that a better understanding of the biodiversity that surrounds us will serve as a reminder of the importance of protecting the natural habitats that are so essential for a healthy ecosystem. She is the Grand Prize winner of the 2016 Grand River Parks and Waterways Photo Contest, the 2016 Winner (and 2017 runner-up) of the Canadian Wildlife Federation photo contest and has had her work published by a number of organizations including the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and Ontario Parks. Anca's work can be enjoyed at home in the form of framed limited-edition prints, canvases, cards, and calendars.

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