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Patricia Eelkema

Hand-crafted soaps and lotions; Sweet November knitted scarves, handmade wool socks

It seemed that learning the craft of healthy and environmentally responsible "Soaps and Lotions" body products was a natural development. Life as a retired educator and mother of a large and busy family naturally promoted the pursuit of healthy family practices and a more responsible approach to the environment. 

The passionate interest developed, and the pursuit of new products and new challenges does not abate. The combination of high-quality natural products with careful and exact techniques proves very successful. Cold process soaps made with pure products are beautifully crafted, luxurious to look at and lovely to use.

Healthy nourishment of our skin is both a science and an art and I am intrigued by both aspects of this challenge. No parabens, sulphates, phosphates, nitrates, phthalates etc. is my guarantee. I do not use palm oils.

Superior quality ingredients for our families are always my goal.

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