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Anne MacGregor

At Trinity Glass, I make stained glass and fused glass art through cutting, shaping, soldering and fusing glass.

Trinity Glass was born when I was in high school. Being able to take a stained glass class brought me joy and taught me a love for creating beautiful art through glass. Through the support of my husband, family and friends, my little home studio, located in Paris, Ontario, has become my place of reprieve and inspired art. In 2010, I was gifted a kiln by my biggest fan, my husband. Since then, my love for glass art has only grown!

Inspired by the word “Shattered”, my art shows how broken glass can be formed and shaped with purpose to make something beautiful, just as my fight and that of loved ones to beat mental illnesses can produce lives stronger and more beautiful. Something shattered does not have to be negative. It has so much potential. My faith in God has taught me His purposes for me are glorious when I give Him my broken pieces. 

Stained glass and fused glass, sometimes mixed with wood, are my medium. Glass is cut, ground, shaped and heated to create my art, just like we go through challenges and trials in life and come out the other side more beautiful.

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