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Rachel Zuidervliet

A focus on regional wildlife is reflected in pencil sketches, mixed media painting, cold cast sculpture and hand carved slate work

“A creator is vision-focused and passion-motivated. To really live into your creator self, you are called to do the inner work necessary to find your own sense of purpose — whatever touches your heart and holds meaning for you.”
David Emerald

As a child I loved to roam through the fields, forest lots, streams and creeks near my house. My passion was aroused when I would patiently sit and be rewarded with a red-tailed hawk catching its prey.  A field mouse trundling along oblivious to my presence or a songbird belting out a spring medley.  

Painting and sculpture became a way to honour the hawk hunting, the Wee mouse trundling along and the songbird in his spring fevered medley. It became a Way to celebrate their spirit and heal my own.  

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