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Valerie Wilson

Original handcrafted bohemian and rustic style jewellery inspired by nature; Christmas décor, scarves, hats and pillows finished with specialty yarn

From a very young age, I’ve always been attracted to the beauty of nature surrounding us, and my happiest moments as a young girl include walking a beach and picking up tiny stones and rocks which became my “gem” collection.

As I grew older my creative side included learning to paint and sketch, crocheting and embroidery with my mom, taking up photography and graphic design and eventually jewellery creation. My methods consist of wire wrapping, wire weaving, stringing, assembly and formed art pieces. I love designing combinations that are inspired by land, water and sky resulting in jewellery that is very wearable and affordable. Lately due to arthritic fingers I've taken up making yarn creations by hand-knitting and crocheting so that happily I can continue to design and create.

My website:

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